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Help Avoid the UIUC Strike

November 11, 2009
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1. Call Interim Provost Robert Easter and new Board of Trustees Chair Christopher Kennedy this Wednesday (11 Nov) and urge them to reach a fair contract with the GEO. Then pass this message to colleagues and friends.

WHEN Wednesday, November 11

Interim Provost Easter: (217) 244-4545
Christopher Kennedy: (312) 527-7890 extension 7890

WHAT TO SAY (It’s useful if you can put your message in your own words, but the following provides a basic template for you to use. This text suggests leaving a message, but if you can talk directly with these men, even better. Remember, what’s most important is that the message of support for the GEO position be communicated to administrators.)

You cannot be penalized by the administration for voicing your opinion. You are their bosses. You and the taxpayers of Illinois pay their salaries.

Hello, my name is __________. I’m an undergraduate of the University of Illinois, and I’d like to leave a message for [Provost Easter/Mr Kennedy.]

I want to urge the administration to reach a fair agreement with the Graduate Employees Organization, and ensure that graduate employees, who teach a quarter of classes at the University, receive a living wage. This is vital to maintaining the quality of education at the U of I.

Thank you.

Graduate employees have voted for strike action, but there is still time to avoid that if the administration engages positively with the wage concerns of those employees.

  • The campus budget grew by 7% in FY09, but the percentage devoted to instruction grew by only 0.8%. I urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that the university lives up to its responsibilities as a land grant institution that serves the public good and is committed to high quality instruction and research.
  • The public higher education system has a responsibility to ensure accessibility to all. The GEO’s requests for a living wage, secured tuition waivers, better health care, and better support for working parents, would increase access to graduate education and would also improve the quality of instruction and research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2. Come to the All-Campus Rally on Thursday

Last chance to prevent a strike!! Rally in solidarity with the GEO and show your support for protecting the quality of education at U of I.

Come to the All Campus Rally on Thursday and bring your friends and family!

WHAT: All-Campus Rally
WHEN: November 12th, 12-1pm
WHERE: Meet at the Illini Union, march to Swanlund Administration Bldg
WHO: Graduate students, undergraduates, faculty, campus workers, and community members
WHY: The Graduate Employees are on the brink of a strike. Here’s how to avoid it: unite as a campus community that cares about its workers, the quality of its instruction, and access to education for all!

***Want to make a solidarity statement during the rally? Contact and make your voice heard for a fair contract, living wage, and access to education for all!

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