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UIUC Strike Information

November 11, 2009

Information Sheet

The GEO represents 2,600 TAs and GAs on campus, providing help against grievances of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, sexual orientation harassment, and other types of harassment, discrimination, preferential treatment, overwork, and other types of exploitation.  The GEO is one of the largest higher education union locals in the United States. (You can find more info at the GEO website)

1. Minimum salary and University cost of living

Current minimum 50% salary: $13, 430

University’s estimated cost of living in C-U: $16,086

2. Administrator salaries

President, B. Joseph White $450,000 (pg. 42) (President Obama’s salary is only $400,000)

Chancellor, Richard Herman $395, 500 (pg. 126)

Interim Provost, Robert Easter $254, 095 (pg. 6)

Together, just these 3 people make $1,099, 595 (enough to pay 81 TAs for the whole year)

Increasing the minimum 50% TA salary: $2.6 million or 0.7% of the university budget. (This is less than 1%.)

3. Admissions Scandal

The former Chancellor diverted $450,000 of discretionary funds to provide jobs and scholarships for politically well-connected but undeserving applicants.  Another $400,000 went to the attorneys who represented the University before the Governor’s investigative committee found the ethical violations.

  • Combined with administrator salaries = $1,949,595 (pay for 145 TAs for the whole year)
  • This is only $650,000 short of the $2.6 million needed meet the GEO’s requests.

4. When Campus Revenues Rose

When campus revenues rose by 7% in FY 2009, only 0.8% ($2.7 million) went to undergraduate instruction.  Meanwhile, the Chief Information Officer’s budget rose by 10.9 percent ($1.6 million), and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics budget increased 6.2 percent ($4.1 million).

5. Daily Illini Radio Discussing the Strike

6. University of California, Berkeley Walkout Article here

7. UC Berkeley Walkout Videos from September 24, 2009

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