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U of Iowa Cutting Programs Instead of Cutting Administration

February 17, 2010

Repost from the Chronicle for Higher Educations

February 17, 2010

U. of Iowa Lists 14 Graduate Programs at Risk for Cuts or Elimination

By Audrey Williams June

Worried faculty members at the University of Iowa now have a report from a provost-appointed task force that names 14 graduate programs — half in the humanities — that could be restructured or eliminated as the university seeks to save money.

In a process that began last spring and triggered some angst among faculty members, the task force categorized the institution’s 111 graduate programs into five groups. The 14 programs are in a category called “additional evaluation required” and have “significant problems,” with no “viable plans for improvement,” the report says.

The programs the group said needed to be evaluated further are: American studies, M.A. and Ph.D.; Asian civilizations, M.A.; comparative literature, M.A. and Ph.D.; comparative literature (translation), M.A. and Ph.D.; film studies, M.A. and Ph.D.; German, M.A. and Ph.D.; linguistics, M.A. and Ph.D.; educational policy and leadership studies (educational administration), M.A., Ed.S., and Ph.D.; educational policy and leadership studies (social foundations of education), M.A. and Ph.D.; health and sport studies, M.A. and Ph.D.; teach and learn (elementary education), M.A. and Ph.D.; stomatology, M.S.; integrative physiology, Ph.D.; and exercise science, M.S.

The task force is one of six panels that have been working to help the institution chart its course through 2015. Deans, faculty members, and students will review the report, and then the provost and other administrators will decide what recommendations to make to the Board of Regents in September.

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