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Another U of I Building in Disrepair

June 11, 2010

From WCIA3 also with video:

Students and professors are scrambling to save their research.
They were forced to leave the natural history building at the U of I.

“You’re just in shock. This is not something you expect to have happen,” Professor Bruce Fouke said.

Students and professors grabbed what they could.
They hurried up and got out.

“Everyone you speak to it’s basically a feeling of shock.  It’s not something you’d expect,” Fouke said.

A termite problem at the natural history building led to a bigger discovery.
The concrete floors can give out at any moment. That meant evacuation of 40-percent of the building

“This is kind of a disaster for us,” Geology Director Stephen Marshak said.

A disaster because every major geology lab is now closed.

“This event will completley shut us down,” Fouke said.

Students and professors finished up experiments and waited for answers.

“What we’re trying to do now is scramble and find a new home,” Fouke said.

Now students worry if research stops–graduation could be delayed.

“There’s a serious problem,” student Samantha Dwyer said.

Their life’s work is in limbo and emotions are high.

“It ranges from very concerned, but knowing that will handle it, to completly panicked and knowingly that we’ll handle it,” Fouke said.

Now they wait for a new home–and hope for the best.

“This is on a scale that we’ve never approached before,” Fouke said.


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